Native American Heritage Squash And Pumpkin Seeds

Arikara Squash
EXTREMELY RARE! Originally grown by the Arikara Indians of North Dakota. This squash is oblong shaped with pinkish tribes also used the squash flowers. They made sure to pick only the male blossoms and dried them for winter use. A very good storage squash that is excellent for soup. (90 days)
S401 - Arikara Squash, 10 seeds... Discontinued
Native American Heiloom Squash, Photo Gerry ManyBears

Mandan Squash
EXTREMELY RARE! This squash was originally grown by the Mandan Indians of North Dakota. The squat cream and green striped squash each weigh about 2 lbs. They are best used as a summer squash when they are young, but I love them as gourds when they mature. This is one of the earliest squash available.
S402 - Mandan Squash, 10 seeds... $ 4.95
\Old Indian Heritage Squash Seeds, Photo Tanya Stefanec

Mandan Banquet Pumpkin
EXTREMELY RARE! Oscar H. Will developed the Mandan Banquet squash from a cross between Buttercup and Gilmore Squash. According to Hedrick in The Cucurbits of New York(1935), the Gilmore Squash was the result of a cross between the Winnebago and Arikara Squash and was introduced in 1926. The resulting Mandan Banquet Squash were orange in clolor with a cup on the bottom similar to Buttercup. Mandan Banquet is very early and has good quality thick orange flesh for baking.
S403 - Mandan Banquet Pumpkin, 10 seeds... $ 4.95
Photo Tanya Stefanec

Algonquin Pumpkin
EXTREMELY RARE! This old heirloom is similar to Long Pie Pumpkin but the fruit are slightly smaller. The long green fruit look like zucchini and are ready to harvest when the spot touching the ground turns golden orange. The squash then continue to ripen in storage for long periods of time. Great for pies. (90 days to maturity)
S404 - Algonquin Pumpkin, 10 seeds... $ 4.95
Photo Tanya Stefanec

Omaha Pumpkin
Originally obtained seed from the Omaha Indians in the early 1900's, the Oscar Will Seed Company then introduced this variety in 1924. In the Oscar Will Seed Catalog (1953) it states, "A very early, oblong, orange, thick meated sort." The fruit are 3-5 lbs and make cute oblong Jack-O-Lanterns. The Omaha Pumpkin is very early and strongly recommended for short season climates.
S405 - Omaha Pumpkin, 10 seeds... $ 4.95
Photo Tanya Stefanec

Arikara Watermelon
EXTREMELY RARE! The Arikara Indians once grew these drought resistant watermelons. The small melons have pinkish flesh and produce many seeds. Early maturing variety that is easy to grow.
S406 - Arikara Watermelon, 10 seeds... $ 4.95
Heirloom Native American Watermelon, Photo Tanya Stefanec

Arikara Acorn Squash
Said to have originated with the Arikara Indians of North Dakota and then introduced in 1913 by the Iowa Seed Company of Des Moines. The vigorous long vines produce dark green fruit with deep orange, sweet, dry flesh that stores well. Excellent for baking. An old fashioned favorite. (90 days)
S407 - Arikara Acorn Squash, 20 seeds... $ 4.00
Arikara Acorn Squash

Heirloom Sunflower Seeds

Arikara Sunflower
This beautiful sunflower was once grown by the Arikara Indians and was originally collected by Melvin Gilmore. The plants can grow to 10' high and the flowers are single headed as well as multi headed. Sunflowers were traditionally one of the first things planted in the spring by the natives and one of the last harvested. Sunflower seeds were parched in a clay pot and then pounded in a corn mortar to make sunflower meal. The meal was then made into sunflower seed balls that warriors carried wrapped in buffalo heart skin. The sunflower seed balls were eaten as a sort of energy food when they would feel tired or weak.
S501 - Arikara Sunflower, 30 seeds... $ 4.00
Old Heirloom Native American Sunflower Seeds, Photo Tanya Stefanec

Indian Tobacco Seeds

Delaware Sacred Tobacco
A rare ceremonial tobacco used by the Delaware Indians. The small plants grow 15 inches high and have yellow blossoms. Sun-part shade. Ht: 15"
S505 - Delaware Sacred Tobacco, 50 seeds... $ 4.95

Louisiana Pirogue Tobacco
EXTREMELY RARE! An old heirloom tobacco that was named after the boats that were used by the Cajuns in the swamps of Louisiana. The Indians originally grew this tobacco and passed it on to the Cajuns. This flowering tobacco is very ornamental with light pink tubular flowers. The tall 5' plants bloom for most of the summer and make an interesting background with the large light green tropical looking leaves and pink flowers. Prefers part to full sun. Ht: 5-6'
S506 - Louisiana Pirogue Tobacco, 50 seeds... $ 4.00
Heirloom American Indian Tobacco Seeds

Woodland Tobacco
This was introduced from Brazil to the United States in the mid 1800's. It soon became popular for its wonderful fragrance. The tall plants reach 5' tall with huge light green leaves and the white slender tubular flowers remain open all day. A favorite of hummingbirds and moths. The fragrance is captivating on a warm humid evening. A very stately plant that is beautiful planted towards the back of a large flower bed. Can tolerate quite a bit of frost in the autumn. One of my favorites. Ht: 4-5' tall. Sunpart shade..
S507 - Woodland Tobacco, 50 seeds .... $ 4.00
Photo de Tanya Stefanec



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